The Experience

A Guide to the Salon de Mezcal Tasting Box Experiences

You are about to embark on a remarkable journey with our selected Mezcals, allowing your unique taste buds to be your guide as you transform into a Mezcal connoisseur.


Visit our SHOP to purchase your Mezcal Tasting box, available in both Classic and Limited Edition versions. We aim to deliver your Tasting Box Experience within 3-4 days through our standard shipping service.


Unboxing your Tasting box is the first step. Inside, you'll find a QR code, which will direct you to a YouTube video. To ensure a seamless experience, please follow the steps below before starting the video.


Remove all the contents from the box, including the four small glasses, the four sample bottles, the agave image glass placemat, and the seeds of flavour.


Select a comfortable seated position on a counter or tabletop, and arrange the various items in front of your computer, laptop, or smartphone screen.


Place the small glasses on the placemat, labelled: Espadin, Tobalá, Tepeztate, and Ensamble.


Arrange the small sample bottles in sequential order, from 1 to 4, to one side, as follows: Espadin, Tobalá, Tepeztate, and Ensamble.


Set the Seeds of Flavour to the side, and please ensure you have a pen or pencil at the ready to jot down your taste discoveries.


We recommend keeping a glass of room temperature water nearby for sipping as needed.


We recommend having fruits like apples and oranges on hand to eat between tasting the different Mezcal varieties.


Access the YouTube video by scanning the provided QR code and log in.


The host will provide you with a concise overview of the origins of Mezcal, agave plants, its production methods, and will guide you through each of the four Mezcals.

Be sure to play and pause as required.

You are all set, Press PLAY